The LMC regards communication between representatives and constituents GPs as essential, and is ever striving to improve it. The LMC communicates with GPs in many ways including:

  • News updates; emailed to all GPs
  • Professional meetings/seminars including pan-London events with key speakers
  • Newsletters
  • Information bulletins on major issues and summaries of national guidance in co-operation with other LMCs
  • Open Meetings/Surveys
  • Consultation with specific GPs
  • Telephone, email and Postal Mail

Links with other bodies

The LMC maintains an extensive network of formal and informal contact on behalf of GPs with bodies such as:

  • Other LMCs
  • Barking, Dagenham and Havering CCG
  • General Practitioners Committee
  • Members of Parliament
  • Local government
  • Public Health
  • PELC
  • LDC
  • LPC