Dr Asif Imran Chair 2023

Joint Vice Chairs
Dr Sana Razak Joint Vice Chair 2023
Dr Maurice Sanomi Joint Vice Chair 2023

Chief Executive and Secretary

Dr Madhu Pathak MBE shortly after graduation and obtaining her MBBS came to England to study at Liverpool University and did her qualification in DTM&H. In 1972, she settled in Romford working in local hospitals and obtained her DA and DCH.

Between 1972 – 1979 she worked in various capacities in Paediatrics at Rush Green Hospital, Barking Hospital and Oldchurch Hospital. She joined General Practice with Dr Winifred Hunter and Dr S K Pathak, and did her LMSSA. She then achieved the MRCGP becoming a trainer in the practice. She then became a FRCGP. She joined LMC in 1994 becoming a Medical Secretary. In 1996 she obtained a Diploma in Law from Holborn College.

She comes from a family of lawyers and politicians in India, so medico-politics have always been of great interest to her. She is committed in supporting local GPs and has helped to run Balint’s type of seminars under the guidance of Tavistock Clinic. She also is a trained mentor and obtained a certificate of Mentorship from South Bank University.

She is a great believer in Equal Opportunities for all colleagues and is prepared to stand up for their causes.

Dr Tina Teotia Tina is currently a GP Partner in Barking & Dagenham and a Director for Together First CIC GP Federation. She has been representing the voice of local GPs as a member of the LMC for past 4 years.

Dr Dan Weaver GP principle in Havering since 2009, LMC Board member since 2009 (Joint Vice Chair 2013-17), Chairman of Havering Health, the Havering GP Federation since 2014. I passionately believe in innovation in health care and that general practice is the heart of the NHS.

LMC Staff

Laraine Barker is a joint part-time Administrative Secretary to the LMC.

Marie McEvoy is a joint part-time Administrative Secretary to the LMC.