The LMC represents all practitioners providing care in the primary care sector who wish to be represented. Since the 1999 NHS Act this includes GMS and PMS Principals and all Non-Principals be they Assistant, Associates, Retainees, Locums or Salaried GPs. The LMC represents and advises on all matters concerning GPs such as:

  • Education and Training- undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational training, continuing professional development.
  • Professionally –led regulation and professional standards – ethical, conduct and performance, including clinical governance.
  • Liaison with consultant and hospital colleagues
  • Collaboration with national professional bodies – British Medical Association
  • Liaison with LPC and LDC

Local Representation

Members are elected on a four year service basis. Elections take place regularly under the terms stipulated in the LMC constitution. The last election took place in May 2021. Existing Members of the Committee may be re-nominated provided they agree. Elections take place every two years.

The LMC comprises of 27 GPs from two constituencies:

  • 9 GPs representing Barking and Dagenham
  • 12 GPs representing Havering
  • 6 Non-principal GPs from the constituencies

In addition, some members are co-opted when appropriate e.g. GPs with particular interest or expertise (as an Ophthalmologist).

Members who join the LMC understand that they will have to represent their colleagues on various sub-committees therefore they should maintain a close relationship with their neighbouring colleagues.